Watch Instructions

Battery Replacement

We recommend that you visit a reputable jeweller to replace our batteries; changing the batteries without correct tools and knowledge could result in damage to the watch that will invalidate the warranty.

Changing Straps 

watch strap

Included in every Lund London watch box is a tool to change the strap. To change straps, take the tool and place the end of the tool between the two small ridges that lay either side of the removable bars that connect the strap to the watch face. Push inwards until the removable bar can be removed from the watch face. Do this for both removable bars. Remove bars and attach new strap. Re-insert the removable bars using the tool. (Please see diagram above)

Setting the Time

Time Setting

Normal Crown Position – the crown is fully screwed down. The watch is water-resistant and runs.

Position 1: The crown is pulled out. At this position, twisting the crown can change the time on the watch. The watch is not water resistant at position 1.

Water Resistance

Our watches are water resistant for up to 30m, however we do not recommend showering or swimming whilst wearing the watches, as this will damage the strap.

Like all natural materials, our leather straps may vary in finish in colour.

Battery Safety & Disposal

  • Dispose of batteries and electrical products responsibly at a local authority household waste facility or return to Lund London Ltd
  • DO NOT dispose of batteries in a fire as the batteries may explode or leak
  • Only use the correct batteries in this watch
  • Never try to dismantle batteries
  • Never short circuit batteries
  • Exhausted batteries must be removed from the watch promptly
  • Remove batteries from the product before extended storage
  • This product, and any batteries, should not be disposed of in normal household waste but taken to an appropriate local recycling centre, where available.  Never throw batteries in a fire or attempt to open outer casing




All Lund London watches are under warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase if purchased from an official Lund London stockist. This warranty covers the defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use. Damage due to carelessness or improper use, such as damages to the glass or strap, are not covered under warranty. Upon returning a faulty item, valid proof of purchase is required; otherwise the warranty is not binding. When returning any goods, it is important that the product be packaged in such a way that it cannot be damaged in transit. Lund London will not be responsible for covering the cost of postage. Once the goods have been reviewed and declared faulty, Lund London will either repair or replace them.

Lund London happily offers a free take-back service for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) under UK WEEE Regulation. We offer customers a means to dispose of old household EEE when buying new, similar EEE from us.