Clock Instructions




Insert a new alkaline AA battery in the movement on the back of the clock following the correct polarity as displayed in the battery compartment.

Once battery is inserted turn the time set knob anti clockwise until the correct time is reached

Batteries will need to be replaced approximately every 9-12 months


Battery Safety & Disposal

  • Dispose of batteries and electrical products responsibly at a local authority household waste facility
  • DO NOT dispose of batteries in a fire as the batteries may explode or leak
  • Only use AA 1.5V batteries in this clock
  • Never use rechargeable batteries
  • Never try to dismantle batteries
  • Never short circuit batteries
  • Exhausted batteries must be removed from the clock promptly
  • Remove batteries from the product before extended storage

 This product, and any batteries, should not be disposed of in normal household waste but taken to an appropriate local recycling centre, where available.  Never throw batteries in a fire or attempt to open outer casing