The Environment. We all know it's the hot topic of the moment, and rightly so. From the plethora of problems out there, our use, and indeed abuse, of plastics is up there as one of the worst. Despite having drunk good old tap water for thousands of years, we seem to have suddenly decided that it is necessary to gorge ourselves on the bottled stuff, inadvertently throwing thousands of tonnes of plastic into the oceans as a result.

 bottles in ocean

 Well here at Lund London we decided it was time to do our bit and have created a unique range of reusable water bottles.

But there's nothing conventional or drab about our reusable water bottles - in fact, quite the opposite!  Lund's Skittle Bottles are a lively and unique range of high grade stainless steel bottles available in a myriad of colours from subtle misty pinks and foggy greys to vibrant primary blues and eye catching corals. And the fun bit? You need never leave the house with the same bottle (or so everyone else thinks;) )

Skittle Options

Our range of glossy spherical lids are available to purchase separately allowing you to design your bottle depending on your mood; whatever combination you go for – and there are 100 combinations in total!... the Skittle's bold unusual shape will ensure your choice won't go unnoticed.  As well as looking great, these bottles are durable, dishwasher-proof and lightweight making them perfect to take with you everywhere.


Helping to save the world just got a whole lot more fun hey?!