We've got the travelling bug!

The other day the Lund London team took a (short) break from designing beautiful things and put our fact hats on to work out exactly how far our brands have travelled around the world.   When we saw just how many stores and countries are now selling home accessories and gifts from the Lund London and By Savvy ranges we were pretty blown away - so we thought we'd make a cool map (well, couldn't put the crayons down for too long) of where you can find us:



Cool right?  

Fact fans - check out these other neat stats:

-  Lund London brands are now in 20 countries worldwide

-  Lund London products are now being retailed at over 180 stores

-  You can find our homewares in London, Paris, Milan, Brussels, Miami and Tokyo

-  There are over 100 british stores selling Lund London brands

Your turn!

Have you seen Lund London or By Savvy goodies on your travels?  Leave us a comment to tell us where you've spotted us!